Maybe he was saving it to make a pipe?

It took me a while to figure out what was going on here. Evidently, Roommate #1 left an empty roll of toilet paper on top of the tank, which made Roommate #2 so angry that, instead of throwing the roll away himself, he grabbed a pen and paper and left a sarcastic note about a toilet paper roll having a place to live (the fucking trash can!). Then roommate #2 decided to answer that note with one of his own along with a solution to the problem in the form of a makeshift home for the empty roll.

I don't know what to make of these notes anymore. It's one thing to believe a guy would contort himself on a toilet bowl to deposit an empty roll on the tank instead of in the garbage, it's another to believe someone would take the time to write a note instead of just tossing it in the garbage. But I'm having trouble with the idea that Roommate #1, a guy too lazy to throw out an empty roll of toilet paper, is now not only leaving notes about it but building them tiny houses?

If these two are for real then they deserve each other. If it's one guy with enough time on his hands to make this shit up for attention then I wish he'd do the right thing and flush his own head in the toilet and stop wasting everyone's time.

Sources: Redditor WeasleyIsOurKing7