It's apparently a paperclip? Makes a lot less sense than butts.

Airbnb, everyone's favorite website for booking a last-minute room for vacation, renting out their apartment, or running an illegal brothel, just made themselves a brand new brand logo. I'll say this for it, it immediately made me forget all about whatever their logo was before. A lot of people think the new logo looks a bit NSFW. Really NSFW, as a matter of fact. A new Tumblr, Airbnb Logos, has sprung up just to catalog all the pornographic interpretations of the new design. You would think this would make me want to use Airbnb less. Strangely, now I just think that if I take a trip, some really risque adventures are going to ensue. Maybe that's what they were going for.

Entitled, "The Thought Process Behind Airbnb's New Logo."

We live in an age where logos can move...and this is what we do.

Not really a play on the logo, just kind of an honest statement about what happens.

Ohhhh now I understand. It's art.

Like I said, Airbnb is a great way to set up a brothel.

Just an asterisk denoting that it's not a butthole.

Great, now I'm going to see all that dirty stuff in Peter Griffin's face. Thanks, Airbnb.

Check out way more on AirBNB Logos.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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