The TSA put its bomb detection skills to the test, and found it's much better at getting fake bombs on airplanes.

TSA security checkpoints are my favorite place to be screamed at. (via Getty)

The Transportation Safety Administration checkpoint at any airport is a nightmare. You have to remove important pieces of clothing, such as your shoes and belt. You are screamed at by the TSA agents. You have to stand in a giant microwave that can see your genitals. It's dehumanizing, and the longer you wait to get through, the more gray your soul becomes. But it's all for safety, right? Well, turns out the TSA is still no better at detecting potential threats than they used to be.

An internal study by the TSA's "Red Team" was conducted at airports around the country. The agents had 70 mock bombs they attempted to smuggle past security agents. Only 3 were detected. That's 95% of the fake bombs going undetected or undisturbed.

The test was conducted by TSA agents who received the same rigorous training as the agents they were testing. Knowing all the holes and how to circumvent them does give investigators more of a chance to succeed in a test like this than a civilian.

Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson has issued some changes in protocol after reading this report. So, thanks to the TSA conducting an expert level test against itself, expect getting through security to be even more hellish.


Just show them your ID, keep your voice down, and you'll be putting your belt back on soon enough.

Sources: Gizmodo