And by "public," I mean immediately outside my front door.

It's the classic hungover conundrum. You desperately need the kind of greasy, hot food that will make it all stop hurting so much. And yet the thought of remaining vertical long enough to stand at the door while the pizza delivery guy counts out your change is physically impossible. Never mind the devastatingly bright outside light that would sear your corneas, the squeaky door hinge that would violently attack you eardrums, or the throbbing of your head as you wildly shook it by quietly saying the words "Thank you."

Redditor ajtothe created an ingenius solution to this problem—the one social interaction not made obsolete by Seamless—with his honest and generous note. Hopefully, it allowed him to crawl to the door, slip the note under it without exposing himself to harsh UV rays, and then wait with his head crammed against the wall trim until the pizza arrived.

Plus, this is actually how the pizza delivery guy wishes every exchange could go.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Redditor ajtothe