Finally, a way to find out whether aliens are overhead without actually having to go outside.

Pictures of migrating birds with reflective white breasts over TX...if you trust the gov't.
(via Project Blue Book)


If you've got a weird uncle, chances are you've heard of Project Blue Book (not to be confused with the blue book project your skeezy cousin has on the side selling essays to college kids)—a.k.a. the Air Force's master file on the aliens that constantly patrol our skies. Now, a website called The Black Vault has republished them online, and we can all be crazy uncles together.

The project ended officially in 1969 after analyzing 12,618 sightings and declaring all but several hundred "explained." They also never determined any report to be a legitimate national security threat (because how could they be a threat when the aliens already run the country?). The Air Force still handles all UFO reports today, but they have wisely stopped putting their files in a famous book that weirdos ask for by name.

Hiding in plain sight...just like the aliens.

Since then, we have developed technology for cloaking. We have not, on the other hand, developed adorably fat steel blimps shaped like the Yellow Submarine. (via)

The Blue Book files were made public afterwards thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request—however, you could only see them by traveling to the National Archive in person and reading them yourself. Given the attention span of the average American, this ensured they remained top secret for decades... until this week.

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