A great way to avoid a conversation with a vegetarian.

Okay, Josh Gates isn't just "some guy." He's the host of SyFy's Destination Truth, and he tried to order a Destination Truth t-shirt from Amazon to prove it (you'd think he'd just get those for free, but you'd be wrong, I guess). Amazon screwed up and sent Gates a pair of hamburger earmuffs. I guess "destination" and "earmuffs" are close to each other at the warehouse? No, there's really no obvious explanation for this bizarre flub, but hopefully the delivery drones don't mean errors like this will never happen again.

Luckily for Amazon, Gates loved his surprise gift. He loved those hamburger earmuffs so much that he went on a tweeting spree about them. He made horrible lettuce puns, dressed his lady up in them, and basically celebrated the joyous wonder that is hamburger earmuffs.

If this was supposed to be a viral marketing stunt for Destination Truth, it failed. But if this was a viral marketing stunt for hamburger earmuffs, I think I can safely say it worked, at least on me.

Sources: @joshuagates | h/t BuzzFeed