So, Oral Roberts University decided it would be a good idea to hire a guy to bring a bald eagle into an enclosed space and fly it around while people screamed at it. Well, if New Student Orientation is supposed to give the incoming class some common memories to look back on, then this is a resounding success. "Remember that time the national symbol knocked itself out as we screamed "USA! USA!" at it?"

Apparently, this is a thing; according to Lucas Cherry, who shot this video, the eagle is trained to fly inside stadiums and had just performed at the St. Louis Cardinals stadium. Which is slightly bigger than a college auditorium. Furthermore, he said the eagle was originally rescued after being found with an injured leg. Which makes sense, because it's federal law that you can't harass, molest, or even perturb a bald eagle. You have to wait for one to get hurt, rescue it, bend it to your will, and then milk people's patriotism for profit. USA! USA!

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: YouTube Lucas Cherry