Their most famous product is the Slugger, a good, boring part of a good, boring sport.

Google's autocomplete function has long delighted us with revelations about what the idiots around us are searching for. It's mostly questions about how pregnant they're going to be after going to third base, and whether or not Obama is going to force that hand-baby to be a Muslim. Sometimes, however, you actually learn something. That's what Nate Shivar set out to do in his post, "How Other People Stereotype Your City" which reveals people's deepest-held questions and preconceptions about America's biggest cities. Shivar says he was inspired by Renee DiResta's "Why are Americans so..." project, which will let you get depressed about your whole state, region and country instead of just your city. Here are some of our favorites from Shivar's cities:

Rising from the ashes to spread ashes across the Southwest.

Why is Providence?

If your only goal is to live with white people, you probably don't enjoy the other three things.

As someone named McNulty, I will always defend Baltimore against its reality.


I started to write a joke about Kansas City... man... it's so humid.

Austin, TX - where Daniel Johnston and Alex Jones both found their place to be weird.


If you learn nothing else about cities today, take this away. Guess where I'm from?


Check out the rest over at Nate Shivar's blog.

Sources: Nate Shivar