There go all your excuses for not working out at the gym.

I haven't seen any of NBC's American Ninja Warrior. but I'd watch hours of it if the reward was getting to watch Kacy Catanzaro complete the finals course again like she did last night.

Catanzaro, a former Division 1 gymnast and a current badass, is the first woman to even attempt the finals course and she blows through it better than many of her male competitors. So much for the weaker sex. Her feat is especially impressive when you consider a fact that the announcers won't let you forget; that she is a 5-foot, 100 lb woman on a course that was designed for much larger athletes. 

My mouth hung open the entire time watching this. Watching her go through the course was exhilarating and almost tear-inducing, like hearing someone sing an impossible high note. Her triumph over this course is the physical manifestation of an opera.

Notice that right as she is finishing the hoop course at 2:25 the announcer says, "Somebody call security because she is going to need a body guard, she is a superstar."

Hell, no! She is a superstar, but that bodyguard should be scared of her.

(by Myka Fox)