It was just supposed to be a cute observation from a dad. Instead, a crowd of onlookers discovered all the horrors the human body contains.


It all started when New York comedian Craig Baldo (check him out on Twitter) discovered one of his toddler's stickers on his skin. He decided to snap a pic and share an innocuous observation about dadhood with the world.

(Image via Craig Baldo/Facebook)

Thanks to some inadvertently confusing framing, Craig's fatherly observation took a back seat to the questions his bewildered Facebook friends suddenly found themselves grappling with.

The first comment landed not long after the photo hit their feeds.

With Trish's comment, a safe space was established where friends of Craig struggling with the disturbing imagery could share their concerns.


In an attempt to lighten the mood, and to keep the mystery alive, Craig responded with a joke:

But the floodgates had already been shoved open, and the questions, guesses, and stunned exclamations started coming...

and coming...

and coming...

The questions and notes of concern were flowing faster than the green blood in the veins of whatever hunk of hopefully human flesh was captured in that photograph. We decided to contact Craig via email to see if he knew when he uploaded the pic that he was going to introduce people to incomprehensible horror.


"Unfortunately, I didn’t plan this (none of my truly funny bits are planned)," Craig wrote. "It was just a simple joke about getting random kid shit stuck to your body when you have children. I took a picture and posted a cropped version of the original."

A lesson to everyone. Be careful with your cropping.

At this point in the thread, commenters seemed to convene like health experts at a medical symposium observing a never-before-seen case of muscular disfigurement.

Craig knows there isn't enough mystery left in the world, so he chose not to reveal to his friends the answer to the question that was plaguing them in this comment thread. Until now.

Craig provided us with an exclusive first-look at the uncropped photo. Behold...

(Image courtesy Craig Baldo)

It's a foot! A weirdly hairy, "dawn of man" style human foot.

Nice job, Alicia. You were the first to nail it.

This all goes to prove one important thing: no one's body is a wonderland. Our bodies are terrifying mazes that can easily provoke confusion and madness if we look at them the wrong way. Fear the flesh.

Thanks for the mystery, Craig. Seek electrolysis.

(by Bob Powers)


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