It's someone from your book club. She's closing in!

Not to brag, but we invented this first! (Second one down.)

Okay, we didn't invent it. But we had the idea. We called it "ConfrontAvoidr," while the actual app you can buy in the app store is called Cloak. Its brilliant sales pitch: "Avoid exes, co-workers, that guy who likes to stop and chat—anyone you'd rather not run into." No word on how often the app crashes when you've reached that point in your life where you'd rather not see anyone you've ever met ever again (AKA your late 30s and up).

This guy only hates two people? He needs to get out more.

Cloak tracks the GPS-enabled accounts of those of your friends on FourSquare and Instagram and maps them for you. Flag the friends you don't want to see, and Cloak lets you know when you are within a half-mile radius of being asked face-to-face why you haven't been responding to their texts. 

The dream is alive. Anti-social networking is finally a reality. Now if they could just invent the app that sends a replicant to parties while I get to stay at home. Or at least someone could perfect the Last Minute Cancel app.

(by Bob Powers)

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