Times have changed since Mac tried to convince me Windows was terrible (and they did!)

Let's get real for a second: I don't like most things on the Internet, and I suspect you probably don't, either. This parody of the Apple Watch announcement from Jack Douglass of JacksFilms, however, I enjoyed. It sounded like a typically self-impressed Mac announcement, but blended perfectly with all the sarcastic thoughts everyone has while watching self-impressed Mac announcements. 

I will now never get an Apple Watch, because it is clearly only useful for identifying idiots who are too stupid to realize they have to have an iPhone to use this device that has zero functions not already available in a better form on the iPhone. Excuse me, I meant "identifying rich idiots." Or, as Jack's version of Apple put it:

Wait. I'm just supposed to pronounce the Apple logo now? Screw you, no f-ing way.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Tastefully Offensive | JacksFilms