Newt Gingrich made a joke on Twitter that he immediately had to explain, so you know it's good.

(via @newtgingrich)

LOL! You got me, Newt Gingrich. Though you are considered a conservative Republican who is fiercely opposed to our president, for a moment I thought you had done a complete 180 on every single one of your opinions.

Psych. Nah, I didn't.

A few of Newt's followers did though:

(via Twitter)

(via Twitter)

Guess that's why he immediately clarified that his joke "is a sign it is April Fool's day." Not a "sign of the coming Apocalypse, let's panic." Let me try an April Fools' prank, Gingrich Style:

I respect Newt Gingrich...Readers, the fact that I wrote that would indicate it is now the day we consider a popular prank day, the first of April, because you see I do not respect Newt Gingrich. So when I say that, I'm saying something I would not ordinarily say. Kind of like it is opposite day? But, please, know it is actually a very funny joke. Stay tuned for more!
Sources: Twitter