Try not to think about how easily this could happen to you. (via)

What's that weird scratchy feeling in your ear? Is it nothing or did a spider crawl into your ear drum and lay eggs and even now its eight little legs are tickling the inside of your brain? I'm sure it's nothing.


But it wasn't nothing when Aussie Dylan Thomas discovered a red, blistering rash trailing up his stomach one morning during a recent vacation in Bali. Over the course of the day, the rash moved several inches higher. Freaked out, Thomas headed to the hospital, where doctors initially thought it was an unusual bug bite. Eventually, they figured out there was a tropical spider trapped in his abdomen.

Yep. The spider had crawled in through a scar from when Thomas recently had his appendix out. That's right. Spiders can crawl into your body through tiny holes you didn't even know you had. 

The spider in question was a little "bigger than the size of a matchhead," Thomas told NT News. It was also dead. Nevertheless, the experience left Thomas feeling "violated." No word on how the spider felt. 

Thomas seems to have a good sense of humor about the experience. He has acquired the nickname Spider-Man and wrote on Facebook he was "still hoping I'm going to develop superpowers by the time I'm home." Thomas also told the Bunbury Mail he wants his "mates" to chip in for a Spider-Man tattoo to cover what he hopes is a "gnarly" scar.

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