Armadillos are the cutest animals that look like war tanks.

The name armadillo originates from the Spanish conquistadores, and means “little armored thing,” although I prefer the Aztec name, Azotochtli, which means “turtle-rabbit.” It does sort of look like that -- a cute little rabbit thats been burdened with a heavy-ass turtle shell.  

Rollie, the southern three-banded armadillo, is less like a rabbit and more like a kitten, playing with the toy on its back with all four paws (feet?) as though someone just rubbed its belly a second too long. So cute! If armadillos weren't responsible for a third of all leprosy cases in the US, I'd get one and pet its shell today!

The Aztecs were pretty close with turtle-rabbit, but I think we can do better. Clam-kitten? War tank-puppy? Helmet-hedgehog?


(by Myka Fox)