I loved you, Gram-Gram. But I'm not letting my new Puma threads go to waste.

So here's where we're at, everybody: Selfies At Funerals. It's what the tastemakers of the 12-to-15-year-old set are doing, and it's what we all get to point to as this week's example of Why Everything Horrible Is Getting Worse. Considering the Tumblr only has two pages of pics so far, it might not exactly be a "thing" yet. Maybe more of a "something." Ruined youth! Get out there and shame your dead relatives' memories with a coffin-side Instagram. We're counting on you to make us worry for the future!


That should read "LMAOTHTS" (Laughing my ass off to hide the sadness).


You're not going to hell. We're all already there, silly!


Who's goofy in mourning? This guy!


Miranda, you're not alone. We all think you're a bad person.

See more graveside narcissism at Selfies At Funerals.


(by Bob Powers)

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