I find following professional nail artists on Instagram to be a creative, inspiring way to feel horrible about myself. These looks are so beautiful, so intricate, so complex... Am I even doing anything? Here are 8 impressive manicures that make me wonder if I'm an interesting person.

1. These nails are so cool. Be honest: do you think they're cooler than me?


2. This "Star Wars" look took the nail artist less than four hours. I don't know if I'm doing enough with my time.

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3. These nails double as an adaptation of a beloved book. Good for them.

4. If my nails don't have a theme, am I sloppy?

@mileycyrus theme #nails #nailart #kawaii #BritneyTOKYO

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5. If my nails don't look like a cartoon food, am I doing a good job being a woman?

6. This reminds me, I should get back to journaling. Every morning. I could get up 20 minutes earlier and just write three pages, like what "The Artist's Way" says to do. Or I don't know, maybe that's unrealistic.

7. I want to be able to express my feelings the way these emoji nails do. But it can be hard.