I ain't saying you a gold digger but yeezus christ, just look at you.  
(Gustav Klimt + Kanye West) (via Fly Art)

By themselves, posters of fine art or rap lyrics can seem like worn-out cliches that everyone hangs in their freshman year dorm rooms. Bound together by some very hipster-y typography, however, and suddenly that old college feeling of "I would look cooler and smarter with this on my wall" is coming back.


Fly Art, it its own words, is "the best marriage on the Internet: Art and hip hop according to Gisella Velasco and Toni Potenciano," two women from the Philippines who are making me realize all over again why there was a time when paintings caused as much controversy as rap albums today:

It's a shame "Rubenesque" doesn't rhyme better. (Peter Paul Rubens + Nicki Minaj)

Sorry, Marie Antoinette. You were more of a Kim than a Bey. (Martin van Meytens + Beyonce)

Louis XVI: a reminder to rappers everywhere to manage their finances.
(Antoine-Fançois Callet + Wu-Tang Clan) (via)

The apocalypse doesn't seem like a ride "or" die situation. (Victor Vasnetsov + Jay-Z)

I wish art history hadn't taught me her back was too long and thigh too short.
(Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres + Lauryn Hill) (via)

Jesus and MC Hammer did both love garments with lots of legroom.
(Fra Angelico + MC Hammer) (via)

Like artists then and now, they've gotta hustle, so go to Fly Art to see more or these, or order some prints.

Sources: Fly Art