"Voyages dan les temps" is a Tumblr by French digital artist Bénédicte Lacroix. She seamlessly combines old paintings with the faces of celebrities.

A royal portrait. (Via Voyages dan les temps)

The results are uncanny, but also kind of hilarious. This definitely says something about celebrity worship, and how we as a culture just love putting the same pretty people in our art, be they paintings or movies, and that what we think makes a good-looking person hasn't really changed in 400 years.

Megan Fox With a Pearl Earring (Via Voyages dan les temps)

Leonardo DiCaprio, Van Gogh-ed up. (Via Voyages dan les temps)

Catherine Zeta-Jones (Via Voyages dan les temps)

I mean, he already looks like a Spanish boy prince anyway. (Via Voyages dan les temps)


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