I like my commemorative plates like I like my disinfectants: topical.

Redditor glockout40, like many people, has a dad. Unlike most people, glockout40 has a dad who makes commemorative (disposable) plates in response to local and national news, complete with props in the background that focus on the same theme. For the most part, these plates celebrate (or bemoan) weather events such as the 2013 "Snowpocalypse." One particularly topical one, however, was "Un-Waterworld," which references the massive Elk River chemical spill that ruined West Virginia's drinking water for hundreds of thousands of people:

That was actually kind of the same problem they had in Waterworld, but whatevs.

Sometimes the plates just celebrate their cat:

Coincidentally, my wife and I also have a black cat named Big.

Check out the whole gallery here:


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor glockout40