Making people fearful of speaking out is a great idea that will always work well and has never, ever backfired.

I hope the view's nice, at least. (via Windmere Cay)

If you own an apartment building, there are two ways to ensure you don't get negative reviews from your tenants:

  1. Provide great service and make your apartment building a wonderful place to live. Maybe put some fresh flowers in the lobby. A carafe of cucumber water? Why not!
  2. Make tenants sign a "social media addendum" where they agree to pay a $10,000 for posting a negative review of the building on social media.

The Windmere Cay apartments in Winter Garden, FL, decided to go with number two, because it's the classiest. But hey, don't worry if you're thinking of signing a lease at "The Cay" (we're casual like that with each other) — each additional infraction will only cost you $5,000! That's only 5,000 one-dollar bills!


And oh, it gets worse — the social media agreement also claims that Windmere Cay owns any photos taken of or in the buildings. Meaning that if you take a photo in your apartment, they own the rights to it. That's great, because I'm constantly thinking to myself "I'm sick of owning all of these photo rights! I wish someone would just own them for me and tell me when I shouldn't post them places." So thanks, Windmere Cay.

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