Whew, axed body spray is so hard to get out of the interior!

This morning in Massachusetts an adventurous axe slipped the surly bonds of a landscaper's truck and almost touched the face of a passenger in the trailing car. Thankfully no one was injured.

Massachusetts State Police posted a photo of the almost-grisly incident to Facebook and didn’t miss out on the opportunity to turn it into a Teachable Moment™ about speeding:

The man whose car was struck was obeying the speed limit, driving about 65 mph. If he had been speeding, the increased velocity of his car would have increased the power of the axe's impact, meaning it could very well have gone through the glass and injured his passenger.

Just a little bit faster and the interior of his car would have been covered with the interior of his passenger! They also reminded everyone to keep their murder tools and other knick knacks securely stowed so tailgaters aren't immediately punished by death (even though they should be).

Police slapped the driver of the axe truck (Axe Truck! Coming this Fall to SyFy!) with a $200 fine for failing to secure cargo and everyone presumably went on their way to their FINAL DESTINATION.


(by Jake Currie)

Sources: Mediaite