Your attraction to this pile is purely evolutionary.

Look, this isn't our fault. We're not the one who took a sleeping baby and covered him in heaps of French Bulldog puppies. We don't even have access to such weapons of mass cuddliness. So we apologize to everyone who is offended by this unabashedly cute addition to our "Babies and Dogs" category. But it's still the middle of the week, and it's chilly and rainy out, and yesterday we had close encounters with both a rat and a cockroach on our commute. Let us have this.


Build up that immune system, baby!


Congratulations, it's a baby and three puppies. Best birth ever.


How come back fat looks so good on a puppy and so bad on us?

Looks like someone just woke up and realized he was being exploited.


Come on, guys. No one likes a newborn who's clearly trying too hard.


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