Mom, can we go to the park or something?

A trend started by bored mom Ilana Wiles of the blog Mommy Shorts has gone viral. It involves photographing your baby so that she looks like she has replaced the coffee you drink to deal with the exhaustion she causes. It's a great way to combine drinking coffee, taking photos of your baby, and posting them to the internet, the three favorite activities of ladies with babies. Then when your child gets older, you can try to trick them into thinking they were once mug-sized. They'll believe you. Kids are stupid. Check out even more babies in mugs at Mommy Shorts.


Really more of a Baby teacupping.


Hybrid Batman/baby-mugging will save Gotham with caffeine.


HIs face says: "I just peed in your coffee."


The "M" is for "Man, am I bored."


Canadian baby mugging: the kinder, gentler baby mugging.


Oof! This Canadian baby-in-a-mug is going to be a hockey player one day.

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