I'd say in a different era he could join a sideshow, but he's already on YouTube.
(Screengrab via YouTube)

Perhaps you remember the story of Aldi Suganda, the Indonesian kid whose father introduced him to cigarettes 3 years ago at age 2. Being a human, he got addicted to cigarettes. Being a baby, he kicked and screamed when he didn't get one and he ended up with a 2-pack-a-day habit and worldwide fame/outrage. He has now quit, but there seems to be another major health problem developing—he's now addicted to junk food and condensed milk and he already weighs 56 pounds at age 5. It's like this kid is reenacting America's health crises of the last 50 years in fast-forward.


Aldi's smoking made him a global superstar, perhaps because we all want to feel like some parents somewhere are worse than ourselves or our parents. He smoked 40 cigarettes a day and was very picky about his brand, costing his parents about $6 a day, which seems pretty steep for Indonesia. 

In September, CBS' The Early Show reported that Aldi's mom Diana had taken him to a hospital recently for an intensive rehab program paid for by their local government. The first time he was denied his smokes, he smashed his head on the floor for a while, which is a pretty standard reaction for smokers. Aldi isn't that unusual, also; apparently, 30% of Indonesians will have their first cigarette before age 10, since the tobacco laws in that country...pretty much don't exist. Doctors also reported that while the smoking may not end up having a permanent impact on his health, his obesity has already caused thickening of one of his heart's walls. 

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