Two things you've never seen in rap videos: the Charleston dance and that scarf.


Meet the Taylors. They just dropped this hot new single in anticipation of the release of their brand new debut baby. This has caused some controversy, especially in the comments section (where else) on the YouTube video. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the Internet ire is focused on their being quite white, but I think we can all agree in 2013 that this is not the problem. There are problems, though, oh yes.

For one, their video was "inspired" (I'm quoting them) by Toyota's Swagger Wagon. I don't actually think I need say more. There's also the fact that every time they say "Taylor" I wonder "is there any relation to Anne Taylor"? Because they are the preppiest (not that it's a problem per se). Maybe it's that baby announcements are usually pretty annoying when they strive to be cool. Not to mention the fact that they look like they know they look awesome, which pretty much guarantees they won't.

I think it's the fact that they just bounce and do the Charleston. Seriously, the Charleston? (Go to :40) Maybe this is something that Nathan Pickett, the guy who posted this on YouTube (who seems to be a rap/wedding videographer) could have mentioned during shooting.

Making fun of these two is delightful, and we should all get the chance to do it a little bit. Attempting to actually destroy the happiness of an expectant couple via your YouTube comments is not so fun, however, and those people are jerks. The biggest jerk, however, may be this person claiming to be a friend of the couple who jumped into the comments thread to defend them by saying:

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