He's the boss but it's hard to take him seriously. (via MommyShorts)

Remember "Baby Mugging"? It was the weird and wonderful trend of moms on Instagram taking photos that made it look like their babies were inside mugs or teacups. That terrific series was started by New York City mom Ilana Wiles of the blog Mommy Shorts.

Now Wiles has a new way for you to entertain yourself while making your baby look comically tiny: BabySuiting. It's not a very complicated concept to grasp. Dress your baby in men's clothes and snap away, then share the photo using #BabySuiting.

This will surely be followed by another great Instagram trend: #TakingMyHusbandsPoopCoveredSuitToTheDryCleaners.


Other moms are also getting into the swing of things:

Casual wear also works:

They're sending our babies off to war now:



(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: Mommy Shorts | Instagram