My name is Nathan, and I'm bad at love.

So I'm turning to the 11th season of The Bachelorette for help. Week 5 is all about love and honesty. We are halfway through the journey. It's time to take big steps forward toward falling in love. Here is what I learned about those big steps from this week:


1. Don't keep your previous heartbreak to yourself.

Ben H. initially struggled to open up to Kaitlyn about his past relationships during their one-on-one date. Once he said he hadn't told anyone what happened in two years you knew this was going to be an epic tearjerker. Ben overcame his fears and finally shared the dramatic tale of his long-distance relationship that ended when his girlfriend simply wasn't into it anymore. Rose-worthy stuff! I have plenty of failed relationship stories just like this to share on my date this week, so I'm set!

2. Do sing about your sexual connection from the rooftop.

For the group date this week Kaitlyn had the guys give her their best full-on mariachi performance. We're told that this style is not about being goofy or funny but is a serious outlet for love. So it was no surprise then when Nick won the date rose when he took Kaitlyn to the balcony and sang to her a serious song of brawling, maybe loving her, and erections. If anyone has any suggestions for words that rhyme with boner please send them my way. Thank you in advance.

3. Do have a near-death experience.