Given how gullible they are, the 55% fail rate may not be wrong.

The University of Rochester has a radio station, WRUR. That radio station has an Internet station, The Sting. The Sting has a weekly show called The Chamber Boys. Naturally, like any Internet radio station, they make videos of themselves doing pranks. Pat, one of the principal Boys, used his premature baldness to his advantage by impersonating Dr. H (we're not going to spell that). He did this with the most foolproof of all prank plans: show up early before the guy with tenure strolls in. 

While the execution is pretty dry—he's impersonating a chemistry professor, after all—easily the best part is the growing sense of terror among the Freshmen, who are all too ready to believe their futures are about to go down the toilet. No, wait, the best part is easily "Who...who the hell are you?"

(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: redditor SarathCK | YouTube ChamberBoys