Problem? Problem solved. (via)

There are plenty of good reasons to never park in front of a fire hydrant - you could be putting other people's lives in danger, it's illegal, and you're announcing to everyone that you're an irresponsible a-hole. It's a dick move before a fire breaks out, so when one does, and firemen need to use the hydrant you're parked in front of, odds are they're not going to wait for you to come back and move it. They're kind of a solutions-oriented bunch.


That's the lesson one BMW driver learned when an 8-alarm blaze erupted in East Boston last night, and the fire department solved their access problem by punching out the car's windows. When they realized there was still a kink in the hose, several firemen hoisted the car and moved it a few feet. The driver of the Beamer is lucky they were able to lift it without "loosening" it first with baseball bats.

A Boston Fire Department Spokesman said "The general reaction is that some people find humor in it," and added, "There is really nothing funny about it." Well... I don't know about that. No one was hurt and it is a great picture.

The driver of the car got himself a $100 ticket to go along with the new ventilation. He's actually lucky the cops were on the scene, because I imagine the dudes hanging around his BMW would've been happy to give him a free parking lesson.

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