Edgar Antillon seems like a nice guy, but his BBQ joint is called "Rubbin' Buttz," so let's keep that in mind when judging the sophistication of this decision.

Because all Americans should be celebrated...and some should be given discounts.
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Before we judge Edgar Antillon, owner of the Milliken, Colorado barbecue restaurant Rubbin' Buttz, let's just say that his restaurant's Facebook page makes me very hungry.

primeprīm/adjectiveof the best possible quality; excellent."a prime site in the center of Indianapolis"Prime Rib starts at 5pm!

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I think that's important to establish before we discuss his probably-very-bad idea to have a "White Appreciation Day" on June 11, when Rubbin' Buttz will offer 10% off to all white customers. Social awareness is not Mr. Antillon's core competency—BBQ is. Nevertheless, he is venturing outside his comfort zone to take on America's race relations with the powerful weapons of slow-cooked meat and customer discounts.

We're sure many of you have heard about our event coming up on June 11th. (You can find it online)Although we've had...

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