Friday, on Real Time with Bill Maher, conservative political commentator and notoriously bad tweeter Tomi Lahren was pressed on the issue of racism, The Daily Beast reports. First she was asked whether she thought a black president would face more scrutiny than Trump if he was doing and saying the same things. Lahren responded that she personally wouldn't judge them any differently because of the color of their skin, but was unwilling to say whether she thought the general public would have a racist response. The fact that anyone wouldn't say agree to the idea of a black man being lambasted far harsher than a white man for bragging about sexual assault is already shocking. It reveals a very narrow understanding of the pervasive and systemic double-standard for black Americans, who are asked to achieve far more to garner the same amount of respect as a less-accomplished white person. But it gets worse from there.

Next, Maher presented Lahren with the following statistic: "Two-thirds of Republicans agree that discrimination against whites has become as big a problem as discrimination against minorities," and was asked if she agreed. At first she offered some vague mumbling that "it’s not just blacks against whites or whites against blacks, it’s all of us against each other. And it’s toxic." But Maher wasn't satisfied with her answer, and pressed her to respond directly to the question of whether she believed that racism against white people was an issue. "As we sit here today, I do think that there is an element of racism against white individuals. I do. I do see it," she said.


Then, praise be to conservative columnist Rick Wilson, she was called out. "As a conservative and not a Trump person," he started, "let me just say this: that is f—ing crazy." Yes. Thank you.

While it's fun and cathartic to see Maher take down Lahren, the fact that it was another conservative calling her out is more meaningful. Lahren's typical rhetoric online is to disparage liberals by characterizing them as overly sensitive, single-minded "snowflakes," a term she coined, likely to enrage the left.

Her personal platform depends upon the polarization of the left and right, and to see her taken down for her unreasonable beliefs by a fellow conservative is a reminder that though our political system has become bi-partisan for the most part, there are varying shades of belief within the two parties. Plus, it just feels good to see Lahren get called crazy.

You can watch a segment of the interview here:

Sources: The Daily Beast