It's always about a girl.

Good news! If you live in New Jersey and can't resist the idea of taking a bear selfie, you may be able to get one in your own front yard. The video below, captured by a Rockaway, New Jersey, resident in August and uploaded to YouTube this week, shows two adult male bears clawing at, biting, and wrestling each other in the front yards of several homes. 

Kelcey Burguess, a biologist with the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife, told that the bears are "probably fighting or playing because there's a good-looking lady in the area. It's really common to have fights during mating season." It's less common to have those fights in the street next to cars and mailboxes, but Burguess says residents shouldn't worry—the behavior is totally normal.

When updated on the ongoing bear infestation throughout the state, Governor Chris Christie yelled at some bears. 

Head over to to see some really adorable photos of bear cubs playing on a New Jersey playground. Also, do not move to New Jersey.


(by Shira Rachel Danan)