This bear telling it like it is. (via BarcroftTV)

If I were to raise a bear from infancy, it would probably grow up to pretend to like to have its belly rubbed, but then, out of nowhere, it would grab my arm with all four paws and vigorously bite and kick. That's what happened with the cat I raised. Not so with Sulo Karjalainen, a 73-year-old man who raises brown bears at the Large Carnivore Center at Kusamo in Finland. He was given some baby bears to take care of in 1997 and has developed an unbreakable bond with the real life teddies. He bathes them (my cat would freak), he feeds them grubs, he creates weird snowmen for the bears to destroy... you know, old man hanging with bears stuff. 

BarcroftTV shot some great video of Sulo with the giant predators, as well as uncovered some footage of Sulo with the bears as babies. Enjoy the video, and don't worry, it ends nothing like Grizzly Man

Just in case you missed this...

(via BarcroftTV)

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