Live Free or Imprisoned Because You're A Moron (file photo that happens to use UK spelling)


A New Hampshire man was the victim of cruel, cruel irony when he tried to cash a stolen paycheck—and accidentally handed it to the bank teller it actually belonged to. Presumably, the check was from the teller's other job, as we're really hoping the perp wasn't stupid enough to try to cash a stolen Bank of America paycheck at Bank of America. But before anyone jumps in with a wink and a "God works in mysterious ways," let's just remember that people (and especially criminals) are really dumb. We wouldn't be surprised if Mr. Check Stealer saw the name on the teller's badge matched the name on his check and thought, "Well, this guy will definitely know what to do with it." In any case, he'll have plenty of time to reflect on the irony in prison for the next six months.

Sources: Redditor Lillipout | WMUR9 New Hampshire