Let this be warning to all: don't put black salve anywhere near your face. Also, don't watch this video if you are eating. The YouTube channel World's Greatest Medical - Case Studies shared some vom-worthy photos of a woman who applied black salve—a corrosive agent—as a home remedy for some cancerous cells on her nose and forehead. "I have a diagnosed basal cell spot on tip of nose, opted out of MOHs surgery to go the natural route, after much research on the web," the woman wrote in a forum shared by the channel. 

Warning: Do not scroll down if you don't want to see extremely graphic images.

I followed the protocol for application as per the alpha omega labs website (which I ordered from) Friday night (night before last). I applied to nose, and to forehead, where I knew I had another spot, undiagnosed, but I knew what it was as it felt and behaved just like my prior 2 bcc's. my face has now swelled up so badly, I look like Ia boxer at the end of a long fight. My left eye is almost swelled shut. Is this normal?


NO. This shit is anything but normal.

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