The face of gender equality.

I never fail to be astounded by the amount of pain and discomfort that women willingly endure in their efforts to look good. Most men won't leave the house in anything less comfortable than a pair of Oxford loafers, while their wives and girlfriends pay exorbitant prices for the privilege of walking around town in what are essentially medieval torture devices. I tried wearing a girlfriend's high heels around the apartment once, and I nearly broke down in tears of pain halfway across the room. (Though my calves did look stunning.)

And then there's the little matter of waxing. That is a level of commitment to sex appeal that truly strains belief. One of the guys in this video—in which a bunch of dudes allow themselves to be filmed while getting their pubic and anal hair removed via hot wax—asks "Who was the first person to do this?" It was probably a woman. And her boyfriend probably did not fully appreciate the depth of her sacrifice.

These guys seem to figure it out pretty quick though:


(by Dennis DiClaudio)

Sources: Buzzfeed