Bae caught Biebs slippin'.

A video titled "Justin Bieber sleeping with girl in Brasil" hit YouTube yesterday. Though according to Beliebers in the comments, the title should read, "Justin Bieber trusted a lady, and what did she go and do? I'll tell you what she did. She violated his trust and recorded him sleeping and posted it on YouTube and btw he's wearing a shirt so he didn't have sex!"

In light of Bieber recently having been spotted leaving a brothel in Rio, many are assuming that the woman blowing kisses to the sweetly sleeping Biebs is a prostitute. From there the assumption is that Bieber is sleeping so soundly because he just had lots and lots of prostitute sex.

Heroism comes in many forms.

The tweet mentioned in that comment is this one right here:

It's a human hand holding money. What more proof do you people need?

Justin Bieber could not be reached for comment because he just looked like such a little precious darling that we didn't want to wake him.


(by Bob Powers)

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