No haters while the man is trying to concentrate, please.

Justin Bieber was captured on video doing some sweet tricks on his skateboard (I can't be bothered to look up the skateboarding lingo—did he hook an olly? Did he ally an oop?) near Madison Square Garden in New York City this weekend.

In what may have been the greatest performance of his career, Bieber showed some real determination to get down the stairs in one big jump (Which is called...flipping a wheelie? Tricking a barfer?). Even when he wiped out, Bieber just shook it off and got back on his board.


Sometimes we forget that he's just a kid, but then he eggs a house or goes out skateboarding or gets a DUI, and we remember. The good news is: maybe the YouTube video of his awesome performance will go viral and he'll start a new career as a skateboarder—that's a much less visible world than pop star.

Sources: TMZ | h/t UPROXX