Hanging to the right.

Michigan man Dan Maurer was in his late twenties when he noticed his scrotum was larger than normal. When he went to the the doctor, he was told to lose weight. 

Now, at 39, Maurer's ball sac weighs 100 lbs. He says "People try to be polite, but you can see when something's not right."

After seeing multiple doctors who failed to properly diagnose him and told him to continue his weight-loss efforts, he saw the TLC special about Wesley Warren, the "Man with the 132 Pound Scrotum." 

For many people, this was shock-value voyeurism. To Maurer, this was hope. Maurer was given a name for his condition, scrotal lymphedema, and the name of the specialist who could treat him.

Now, after a church-led fundraising effort that brought him $27,000, along with some health insurance, he will be able to travel to California to have his groin mass removed. 

He says it is an awkward story to share with the world, but is doing so anyways because, as he told the NY Daily News, "I feel that I have been blessed enough to have it removed, but I want to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else, (and) that's why I want to put myself in the light."

Sources: h/t Gawker