Life Lesson: If you are in the middle of bragging, never look away from your ice cream. Not for one second. 

This lesson arrived in the form of a "teachable moment" when, as Julie Bresnan was in the middle of recording a "boastful home video" to send back to her family & friends, a bird pooped with fighter-pilot precision on her ice cream the second she looked away to point to her beautiful surrounds.

And then? Oh, and then. She goes for a lick.

I'm 99% sure she ate it. I'll keep watching this video for the rest of my life to make sure. It almost looks like she can tell that something wasn't right about her cone, but she doesn't have much time to consider it before ole' Top Gun in the trees finishes the job. 

Her reaction is priceless, but the real award goes to that bird. We never see him, but wherever you are, thank you.


(by Myka Fox)