Do not try this at home without your own pair of mirrored goggles. (via YouTube

It's time to boil a bottle of Coke! It's Friday, we're Russian, and we want to ruin our pots!

Before you begin, make sure to protect your walls with Russian army propaganda. You could always just choose to not shake the bottle beforehand, but if you want to recreate this experiment like master scientist CrazyRussianHacker, you probably should. All set? Great. 

A watched pot never boils, but we have the benefit of editing, so it only takes a minute of video before "it's have been boiled out" and you can see "all the sugar and all the stuff, whatever, inside of it." 

Add an extra couple minutes to watch him perform the same "experiment" on a 2-liter bottle. Due to some very fancy milliliter to liter conversions, we know it will take four bottles. Ready? Go. 

"Look how much shits is in there... it's a lot."


(by Myka Fox)

Sources: CrazyRussianHacker