I love that a little kid asked Iggy Azalea about her boob job, and I love Iggy's answer even more.

At the Kids' Choice Awards, Extra had a special interviewer on the red carpet — 10-year-old General Hospital actor Nicholas Bechtel. Even though he's wee, Bechtel asks questions like the big kids — including asking Iggy Azalea why she's been talking about her boob job so much. But perhaps even more surprising than Bechtel asking the question is how awesome Azalea's answer is.


Let me say this first — I think breast implants are dumb. I'm not saying anything new here, but we should be celebrating healthy, real bodies — male or female — and spending our time and money promoting self-esteem. The fact that it's even an option to shove sacs of silicone into our chests just so we can increase the size of our existing breasts is kind of crazy to me.

That said, I love Azalea's answer. If you are going to get plastic surgery, own it! If you like the work you had done, be proud of it! Because what's dumber than getting a boob job? Getting a boob job and then saying you didn't.

This is of the (many) things I loved about Joan Rivers. She got plastic surgery, she was happy to tell you about it, and she didn't give a shit about what you thought — because it's what she wanted to do. As she said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, "If you can fix it, fix it! If it makes you happier."

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