You will play with me. Oh yes, you will.

All this man wanted was to do the right thing and return this Collie's toy. Little did he know he was about to engage in a sinister trap orchestrated by the Collie, and once the man touched that toy, he would forever be compelled to play fetch. For every time the man chucked the ball into dog's yard, the dog was quick to return it to the other side of the fence, where the toy would be lost forever unless the man was kind enough to return it again. 

This is how Sisyphus would have been punished had Zeus been a dog. 

It appears the dog's owner may have relieved the man of his duties, but that ball will be waiting on the other side of the fence for its next captive. Will it be you?

What is touched can never be untouched.


(by Myka Fox)