Maybe a zombie threw up?

Someone lost their minds. (screenshot via Facebook)

A woman walking her dog in Gouverner, New York stumbled across nine perfectly preserved brains, free for the taking. The brains were examined by a local veterinarian, who claims they're dog brains:

“In examining the specimen, weighing and measuring … it weighed 70 grams, which is consistent with a dog, beagle-sized brain."

Yeah right, like someone's just going to leave pure-bred beagle brains laying around for the crows to eat.

A local assistant professor thinks they're sheep brains, which makes more sense considering sheep brains are commonly used in dissection demonstrations and pretty easy to come by:

But the dura mater is the best part! (screenshot via Carolina Biological Supply)

The police don't seem too concerned about it, because as far as they can tell the only crime committed was littering.

I think they should give this vet a second look, considering how he went on and on about how perfect they were:

“It had been professionally removed and preserved … it was in very good condition, had not been damaged in any way," according to Monroe. “You have to appreciate when you remove a brain from a skull, which is made of bone, you have to cut the bone all the way around. This had not been damaged, or nicked, or cut in its removal."

Sounds like someone's had practice.

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