McDonald's is testing an all-day breakfast menu at its locations in San Diego.

For years, loyal citizens of McDonaldland have been clamoring for Mayor McCheese to come down from his ivory tower and let them eat Egg McMuffins at night. And now, it's finally happening. Democracy works!

Next month, McDonald's will begin testing a plan to offer breakfast at all hours of the day. Currently, breakfast stops being available at the crack of 10:30 AM, well before the underemployed stoners who love McGriddles are awake. For now, the all-day breakfast will only apply at locations in the San Diego area. The company is using that market to test the feasibility of this plan. If it's successful there, they plan on rolling it out to the rest of the globe.

It turns out, serving breakfast all day is surprisingly challenging for a chain like McDonald's. The issue is kitchen space. The longer breakfast is served, the more breakfast items the chain has to keep in stock, not to mention keeping them warm and reserving prep space. It's taken McDonald's engineers decades to figure it out, and let's hope they've done their homework. The world needs this. And speaking personally, having McMuffins for dinner is one of my three greatest dreams, along with chocolate toothpaste and starting a family.

At the very least, it would be nice to avoid any more moments like this:


Sources: CNBC