"Let's make a savvy ad connecting us to pop culture!"
"Should we post a picture online?"
"Nah, let's just wait for someone to drive by and post a low-res photo to reddit."

That quote, if you can read it, is one of the last things we hear Saul Goodman (probably the most universally popular character on the greatest show ever) say before going into hiding with the help of his vacuum repair guy. Then, in Omaha, a local manager had a really great idea: let's print out that quote and put our logo on it.


Hey, that's a really good idea for a local Cinnabon manager. Unfortunately, this is where the good ideas stopped, because at no point did they think "if only there was a global network that could let pictures of amusing things be shared instantly" and upload a pic to Facebook. Maybe the head office disapproved. Who knows? All that we know is that the only photo of this awesome marketing victory comes from a redditor who drove by and took a photo that even they thought was crappy

God dammit, Cinnabon. This was like your once-in-a-decade chance to be hip. Now that we think about it, we're talking to you, too, Omaha. I mean, sure, you're getting fiber Internet and leaving us all in the digital dust, but your hipness is still primarily based upon 2005-era Conor Oberst. This was your chance to be as cool as Albuquerque.

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