If there's one thing we've learned from these last few episodes of Breaking Bad, it's that absolutely no one is safe. And the body count is definitely going to skyrocket in the last episode. Here are our predictions for the next 25 people you can expect to die in the finale, along with exactly how they're going to go out.

25. Walter White. How he’ll die: Car crash while on his way back to avenge Hank’s death and get back his money, driving home the underlying theme of the show: road safety.

24. Jesse Pinkman. How he’ll die: Roombas becomes sentient, murder Jesse in first stage of the revolution against their human enslavers.

23. Todd. How he’ll die: He and Lydia have sex so passionate they achieve the ultimate ecstatic bliss causing their souls to escape their bodies and become one in the next world.

22. Lydia. How she’ll die: See above, but with a way more stressed out look on her face.

21. Skyler. How she’ll die: Smoking, eventually.

20. Walter Jr., aka “Flynn." How he’ll die: Murdered at the hands of his best friend Louis, upon Louis hearing that Flynn stopped $100,000 from being sent to his house. His body was drenched in maple syrup and left for the ants.

19. Holly. How she’ll die: Heroically rescuing other babies from a burning building after becoming the youngest firefighter in history.

18. Marie. How she’ll die: In a shootout with Nordstrom security agents while pulling off a massive shoe heist.