This mother was approached in a grocery store by a bodybuilder who was looking for a very particular supplement.

She had no idea the secret to the perfect workout was right in front of her.
(via KOMO News)


Breastfeeding mothers are used to being approached in public, but it's usually by people who want to give them a hard time about it. For Rebecca, it was from a man with a proposal – a weird one. She was grocery shopping with her daughter when a stranger came up to her and sheepishly asked if he could buy her breastmilk. You would probably assume what I assumed: that the man was a pervert. But it turns out it was much worse.

He was a bodybuilder and an adherent of CrossFit, a popular fitness program/company/philosophy/sport/cult. It turns out, some members of the CrossFit community have become enamored with breastmilk as a supplement, drinking it while they carb-load before workouts. They post classified ads on women's breastfeeding messageboards offering money for milk, and now it seems they've taken to asking random women in public.

At first thought, there's a twisted logic to the idea: who puts on mass faster than a baby? But the science doesn't back it up. Joanne Ransom, the Clinical Director of the Northwest Mothers Milk Bank, told KOMO news, "Human breast milk is designed for human infants." The medical benefits it provides to babies do not extend to fully-grown musclemen, and what's more, that milk is desperately needed by mothers who are unable to breastfeed. If mothers want to give their milk to anyone, she says, "I think they should consider where the greatest need is and that is in the preterm and newborn population."

Sources: KOMO News