I don't care if I muted movies and did the same thing when I was a kid.
It never gets old. Never.

"Getty Critics" is a blog that usually makes fun of Getty Images' stock photos (below), but thankfully for all of us, they turned their attention to Getty's collection of stock video (otherwise known as b-roll, which until now I thought was the only word for it).

Her raking form is absolutely terrible. 

Stock video actually has no sound. It's there for people like low-budget news producers and low-budget commercial directors who want filler footage of something vaguely related (you know, like a commercial for genital herpes medicine showing two parents enjoying board game night with their kids - because herpes won't stop them from enjoying life). Then they either add saccharine music or a voice-over of someone rambling off side affects, and boom! You've got a commercial. In order to have video available for whatever weird needs commercial directors have (I need a middle-aged Hispanic woman looking at bills and furrowing her brow from her kitchen table inside of an igloo!), they have to shoot every kind of dumb idea imaginable. As you can see from this video.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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